EU are the most odious of bullies

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Some think that subsidies from the EU to projects in the UK are ‘gifts’. Why? This is all our own money and we are only receiving back a small proportion. Inevitably, this also comes with EU-agenda strings firmly attached.

Those who do not grasp the bullying nature of The EU have obviously failed to spot how the hapless Mr Cameron had to go ‘cap in hand’ to Brussels to make a wretched attempt to see off the ridiculous ‘tampon tax’.

Furthermore, the principle of acquis communautaire (EU law) means that this imperialistic body ‘never needs to change its mind’ over powers wrested from sovereign nations. Constitutionally, these cannot ever be returned. (If ‘the ratchet principle’ is not bullying ...)

Why has the dead hand of the EU received so little blame for the steel closures? The elevated costs of power, the inability of our government to assist in any effective way because of EU rules, as well as Brussels’ part in failing to prevent Chinese steel dumping, all have played a major role. (Whether Cameron and co would have acted is, of course, a rather different matter.)

The EU and Merkel have blithely created the immigration catastrophe – a substantially distinct issue from the refugee crisis – and they have the gall to imperiously order us how to act and tell us what to pay.

Last year, we were forced to find money for a huge amount of invented ‘back debts’ based largely on imaginary ‘government profits’ from drug dealing and prostitution. (I am deadly serious.) There was nothing the PM could do other than hand over a huge amount of our ‘lunch money to the schoolyard tough’.

Although not part of the failing Eurozone which had helped to wreck the Greek economy – we were still forced to give billions of taxpayers’ money to the ongoing federalist cause.

The EU has proved to be a drag on our GDP and if their share of world trade continues to plummet as it has been doing, we are going to find ourselves shackled to a permanently disintegrating economy. All of these things, however, are not really the issue. The problem remains that ‘Brussels is never wrong’. Their tunnel vision and despotism are irreversible as Mr Cameron will already have discovered as he scrats around, desperate for a few crumbs he can dress up as ‘successes’ in his vain pretence that the EU is actually reformable.

Les Arnott

Athelstan Road, S13