Estate looks a mess and is not safe

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I read in the Star about a resident in High Green complaining about unfinished work. He writes that work should have been finished in August, and work being rescheduled for September.

I can beat him, I live in Tinsley where road resurfacing should have been completed in July. We are now over half way into August with no sign of completion. Not only does the estate look a mess, there are health and safety issues that could be raised. Because footpaths remain unfinished tripping hazards remain such as raised stoptaps and kerbstones.

Some weeks ago I emailed Streets Ahead and was told work should recommence in four weeks. I’m sure that time has now passed. I think it’s about time that Coun Dore, and Amey’s Chris Morris came to have a look. Tinsley always seems to be a forgotten area of Sheffield.

A Appleton

Tinsley resident