Enthusiasm for extradition

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Much has been said and written about the Bolsover boy and the Extradition Act of 2003.

But we need to remember the events of Sep 11, 2001 which generated the Act.

On that day 19 Arabs, avoiding all passenger lists and saturation CCTV coverage, hijacked four airliners. They flew two into the World Trade Centre, causing a million tons of steel and concrete to turn to dust in a destructive process which lasted 20 seconds. They flew another into the perimeter walls of the Pentagon, resulting in a 15ft by 9ft long hole. They crashed the fourth into a field in Pennsylvania. They caused all four aircraft to disappear - lock, stock and passengers.

When you have people as clever as this you need to make sure you have legal procedures to bring them to book which is why Bush and Blair were so keen on this legislation.

Pat Rattigan, Chesterfield

This ‘money-making racket’

Norman Bellamy (Dec 29) tells Rob Burkinshaw to blame the sender for him having to pay a surcharge for an underpaid Christmas card.

In December, I received a notification slip of a card at the sorting office in Pond Street waiting for collection with £1.22 to pay (costing more than the card itself). I went to collect the card and asked why that amount when it wasn’t exceptionally large.

I was shown that it was about an inch over-sized. What a money-making racket, just one inch of paper! The gentleman who served me had a bundle of these notification slips to show me how many people had the same grievance and also had to pay up.

The sender of my card, I’ve had confirmed to me, did go to the Post Office and had the card weighed and measured so who is to blame for my card charges, Mr Bellamy?

B Fee, Guildford View, S2