Enjoy football

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Thank you to the multi-millionaire oligarchs who through their generosity or desire to own clubs have given fans the opportunity to regularly enjoy football from the best competitive league in the world.

There is nothing rotten watching a premier league game like Chelsea v Arsenal (Oct 29) or QPR v Chelsea last week, or indeed United v Wednesday two weeks ago. Stop moaning Ron and enjoy.

Wednesday fan forever, Grenoside

Dog protecting city people

after reading of a career burglar’s complaint over being bitten by a police dog, we just needed to speak up for Spud and rottweilers.

We are responsible rottie owners, having had four and soon to get our fifth.

How dare this law-abiding citizen (not) risk this poor dog losing its life. The cry could easily be that it’s a rottie and it’s bitten someone so put it to sleep before it does it again.

This dog was protecting Sheffield people and our property. We should be grateful for this and give him lots of praise and treats. We appeal to Sheffield’s law abiding citizens - and there are lots of us - please stand up for Spud.

If this person had not been burgling some poor family’s home he would not have been bitten. As the saying goes wrong place, wrong time!

We hope Spud has been checked by a vet as we would hate to think that he may have caught something .

Marie and Dean

YOU have to feel sorry for the dog that bit the criminal, Carl Lazenby. It’s a pity the dog can’t speak or write to place its own complaint.

Name and address supplied

Denied a vote

N Brownell on the subject of MPs voting to orders on the EU referendum was spot on.

Politicians should remember what is required by the people who voted them in and they should represent our wishes and not self interest.

They need to raise their game rather than be just time-serving toadies. Parliament needs people to occasionally stand up and be counted on our behalf instead of the gutless and directionless self-interested views they have now.

When polling day arrives, voters should remember who denied them a vote on Europe.

PLR, S12