English sport has cigar on but look out for Rangers

Rangers fans
Rangers fans
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THE Ashes practically wrapped up afer two games, another Englishman winning the Tour De France, Lee Westwood nearly, nearly, nearly.

The good times just keep rolling on. So good they even managed to knock football off the back pages.

The cricket team have a metaphorical cigar on as they go 2-0 into the lead against opponents who look demoralised and a bit sorry for themselves - you know, the role traditionally played by England.

Cyclist Chris Froome finished the Tour with a real cigar on along the Champs Elysee. Bet the French loved that - but frankly who cares after some of their citoyens thought it a jape to dump a bottle of urine all over him earlier in the competition.

If they want to take the, er, urine then they can’t complain if he rubs their noses in it when he gets the chance. Good luck to him, another triumph for Africa.

One man who hasn’t managed to triumph yet at the very highest level is Lee Westwood.

Known by all who’ve met him as a really good bloke and a brilliant golfer the 40-year-old former world number one hasn’t yet been able to get his name at the top of a major leaderboard when it really matters.

But you needn’t feel sorry for him.

He’s been in the top ten of world golf for over a decade now, made an absolute fortune - estimated at around £37 million - and is well respected inside and outside the sport.

With only seven maiden major winners over the age of 40 he moved to Florida last year to work on his game and make the breakthrough.

I’m still backing him to win a major and give one in the eye to all those cruel so-and sos who like to twist the knife when he doesn’t fulfill their dreams.

With 21 European Tour titles, two PGA Tour events, 14 other tournament wins and 13 top-10 finishes in majors under his belt he will have the last laugh.

* Wednesday fans pride themselves on being a ‘massive club’ and are teased by Blades fans for it because they consider their side bigger and better.

This week the city will see what being a massive club is all about. Rangers are due at Hillsborough on Wednesday night. Broke, demoted, crippled by in-fighting, ownership disputes and money wrangles Rangers will bring at least 5,000 on Wednesday night for a friendly against The Owls.

Their fans aren’t always well-behaved and their sectarian history isn’t to everyone’s liking but when it comes to being a ‘massive club’ they are the real deal.