English had to suffer more

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Is anyone in any doubt that the UK is in social and financial chaos?

It hasn’t come overnight but through decades of incompetent mainstream politics, none more so than the looney-left whose self-serving immigration policies have treacherously resulted in the persecution of the indigenous population.

The English in particular, have had to suffer more than their share of unfairness. They, for their own salvation, must follow the example of the Northern Irish, Welsh and most of all the Scottish and start thinking nationalist.

Mr Oxby, Greenland Drive, S9

Red card eviction

The yob jailed for going to the Cornhill flats while banned is maybe typical of those who live or hang around there. I live nearby and have often seen bottles and cans thrown from windows. The police are frequent visitors. It must be hell for any decent people living there. The council should adopt a football-style yellow and red card system for anti-social residents. Give them one chance then evict.

Dave, S3

Prancing pests

I WISH the council would make prancing illegal. That’s my word for the tabarded charity workers, from various noble causes, who leap and prance around you, trying to get your bank details as you go about your business. If people are willing - and able - to give to charity, surely they will do so from home, rather than giving key details to a stranger in public.

Paul Allonby, Jordanthorpe