Energy firm in £6 threat

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Scottish Southern Electric refused to keep Allen Elmore as a customer unless he managed his account online, despite the fact that Allen, aged 54, from Sheffield, doesn’t own a computer, writes Rebecca Cotterill.

The company also threatened to take him to court in order to make him pay a £6.01 bill.

Allen, who has been a SSE customer for seven years, was told he could not remain one of their customers when he moved home in July. The company said they no longer allowed customers to set up and manage their accounts over the phone.

Allen said: “I am an old- fashioned bloke. I feel like they have a vendetta against me because I don’t use computers.”

On closing Allen’s account, SSE sent him a bill for £16.01. Allen was only able to pay £10 and promised to pay the remainder as soon as possible, but within a week he received a letter from the company threatening to take him to court for the overdue payment.

This appeared to contravene SSE’s customer service guarantee which claims they will make several attempts to contact customers and to work with them before taking legal action.

SSE also sent a similar letter to Allen’s friend, Joseph Savoury, aged 67, who had moved into Allen’s old property as part of a mutual exchange.


The Star contacted SSE and the company has cleared Allen’s outstanding balance and sent him a £20 credit voucher and a letter of apology.

SSE also said: “Should Mr Elmore still wish to be an SSE customer, as we hope he will, we would be delighted to register him over the telephone.”