End the vandalism of historic town

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Is it just me, or can anyone else around the 60-year-old mark remember the old market town of Doncaster, all the wonderful old buildings which for no apparent reason were pulled down and replaced with modern architecture?

It seemed to get a lot worse when the town’s first elected mayor Martin Winter came into office.

One of the main planning considerations to any application is that a building should be in keeping with the surrounding area.

I challenge any senior officer from Doncaster’s planning department to stand alongside me in the market place adjacent to Copley Road, looking across to the majestic minster and then to look at the new hotel with the most ludicrous facade of any building anywhere.

This hotel cannot be considered by anyone to be in keeping with any of the surrounding area’s existing architecture, so could it be possible DMBC’s own planning officers could be in breach of their own planning regulations?

As you move around town you notice more and more outrageous buildings.

Take the new NHS Flying Scotsman building on Trafford Way. Who on earth allowed this to be built on a main arterial route through our town and who chose the colour?

Then we move on a little further on into the new Civic Quarter. Stand in front of the now listed St James’s Baths (well done mayor Peter Davies for saving this building) and look towards Waterdale.

Your eyes will be wrenched from their sockets at the facade of a building that I can only presume will be the new council offices.

You can only describe this as looking like a computer screen during defragmentation. What an eyesore.

Who in the planning department allowed this to happen?

Something must be done to stop these maniac planning officers before they vandalise any more of our historic market town, I know the elected mayor can’t get involved in planning matters, but I am sure he can step in and put an end to this vandalism of our town.

Mick Glynn, Hatfield Town councillor, Doncaster Road, Hatfield DN7