Employment law

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It’s the only language this government understand. One has only to see the news today and they are making it easier to dismiss workers.

We have the worst employment protection laws in the EU and these Tories and their side kicks, the Lib Dems, want to make them even more draconian. These people would reintroduce slavery if they thought they could get away with it. Workers have never been given anything by these people, only kicks in the teeth.

We have had to fight for everything. They opposed every clause of the NHS bill when it was first mooted. Think of leopards and spots and you’ll get the picture.

Terry Bentham, Wombwell

Consultation is poor at school

I’M appalled by the lack of meaningful consultation from Meadowhead School over its plans to convert to Academy status.

Parents of pupils at feeder primary school have not even been informed of the proposal, let alone consulted. It’s as if we have no interest in the kind of school our children may go to in a few years. We are exactly the families that may be affected by any changes future governing bodies at the school will be free to make if the conversion goes ahead.

Current leaders at the school may promise to maintain the school’s current approach to such issues as pupils’ exclusions, admissions and SEN provision and may mean what they say. But they can’t see into the future and promise the same will be true of whoever runs the school once the current senior team and governors have left. Yet converting to Academy status now gives free rein to whoever comes next.

The 2010 Academy Act states quite clearly that while ‘there is no specified length of time for the consultation... it is important that interested groups, individuals or organisations have a fair chance to respond and ask questions.’

This has not happened.

Deborah Banks, S17

Unwanted pets

thank goodness for the council’s dog pound. Irresponsible breeding is the cause of this problem. A friend’s dog had a litter of nine puppies. One wonders how many of these are now unwanted pets.

RL, Sheffield