Empathy and understanding for tragic Sheffield fire family

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I would like to send my condolances to the the Parwaiz family. I know how the family must be feeling.

22 years ago a fire happened in the early hours in our house There were five of us, my two brothers, myself, our mother and dad who had worked hard to buy our house. Mum woke first and raised the alarm.

You dont realise how choking the smoke is.I got a breath full and instinct told me not take another breath. I got my mum and younger brother out, but my dad and brother got trapped upstairs as the fire got worse.

We found out later Brian and my dad went to a back window. My dad said he could get out of the the window. T hey weren’t designed to climb out of so my brother managed to get out the window but was badly injured.

By now the flames were licking the window and burned him. He thinks he tried to get back down the stairs but couldn’t.

The fire fighters had to fight their way in and found him collapsed. We thought he was dead. They revived him with oxygen and he underwent several operation. My brother had skin grafts.

I remember suffering flashbacks for months.

I also felt guilty for not being able to get my dad and my brother out and for the what they went through while they were trapped. It gave me anxiety and I couldn’t sleep but I didnt think to get any treatment. Thank God for for the emergency services because my dad wouldn’t have made it without them that’s for sure. They never found the cause but inspectors thought it was an electrical fault. When my dad recovered we thanked them in person and bought them a drink.

I am well recovered mentally now but when I heard what happend to the Parwaiz it jogs my memory and I hope the Parwaiz family eventually recover.