Election was a farce not democracy

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Are your readers sick of British politicians and of what Britain has become?

Facebook is politically impartial, and so a group of us from different backgrounds, and former political affiliations, are running a letter campaign to Labour’s Harriet Harman to force an enquiry into the General Election result.

We on Facebook believe that the General Election in May was rigged, because the BBC were calling it neck and neck between Labour and the Tories, and then the Tories were zooming ahead.

This doesn’t make sense. It is very disconcerting that the polls were neck and neck up until the evening of the vote, then the polls came out and the Tories were well in the lead.

How did the polls change from neck and neck, to a victory for the Tories in a couple of hours ?

It stinks to high heaven, also the Lib Dems were quashed, why weren’t the Tories ?

This is why we are appealing to Ms Harman, and Parliament to commission an independent review of the election result, to force an enquiry to try and bring this right wing Tory Government down.

Also due to the Tory attacks on the most vulnerable in our society, we do not regard this as politics, we regard it as barbarism. These attacks are ideological, not about costs.

We say to Ms Harman that she must know that the Tories are using the deficit as a cover to reduce the State for an ideological purpose, to wipe away all the social reforms that came in under a Labour government after the Second World War.

And they are getting away with it because Labour are silent.

If Jeremy Corbyn wins the Labour leadership contest, he will be a breath of fresh air of realism in a barren party, and he should introduce electoral reform to stop anomalies like the last General election in May, happening again.

We also question our first-past-the-post voting system. It isn’t fit for purpose when just 37 per cent of a 66 per cent electoral turn-out can put any political party into Government. This isn’t democracy it’s a farce.

A mammoth 75 per cent of the country did not want David Cameron back in No 10, a true vote of no confidence. The General Election result was based on misinformation, and so it needs to be sorted.

Anybody wishing to receive a copy of our letter to be sent by post to Harriet Harman MP can call 07946 579040 any evening.

Mr A Glossop

Rotherham, S65