Youngsters’ bury gifts for future generations

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SCHOOL life in 2011 has been preserved for the future in a time capsule buried in the ground at new Doncaster housing development.

Pupils from Hatfield Manor Church of England Junior School carefully selected items for inclusion in the time capsule which has been buried at the £1.35million development close to their school, off The Crescent in Dunscroft.

Items buried in the ground included a computer memory stick containing pictures.

There was also information about key events in 2011, along with Hatfield Manor school ties, a school badge, a polo shirt, two current maps of Hatfield and a selection of letters written by the pupils.

The children took part in the burial ceremony and watched as the capsule – made out of a plastic drainage tube – was buried at the bottom of a deep hole.

A plaque was placed on the ground to mark the site of the burial spot, which is located at the side of the new development, on former open space off The Crescent.