Traffic calming around schools

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Traffic calming measures around two Sheffield secondary schools are set to be approved by councillors after consultation with parents and residents.

Sheffield Council’s cabinet highways committee is set to approve changes to streets around All Saints and Seven Hills Schools, being rebuilt off Granville Road in the city centre, and Stocksbridge School, on Thursday.

For All Saints and Seven Hills, three ideas were put out for public consultation, with a £245,000 budget.

The scheme with most support - and recommended for approval - involves making Norfolk Park Road, which runs to the south of the two secondary schools, one-way from Norfolk Park Drive to Heritage Park School.

Traffic would run east-bound, allowing parking bays to be created on the street.

There will be increased traffic from vehicles accessing the rebuilt schools.

On Granville Road, a toucan crossing is be moved downhill to link with revised student access and more parking restrictions imposed.

Islands would be built on Granville Road, near Norfolk Park Road, making crossing easier for pedestrians.

Claywood Road, off Granville Road, would be one-way.

Simon Green, Sheffield Council’s executive director responsible for highways, said: “The one-way on Norfolk Park Road is intended to simplify traffic movements on an often-congested route. The accident rate is high, with 11 injury accidents including two serious ones, between 2004 and 2009.”

Consultation carried out last year revealed 53 per cent of people ‘fully supported’ the plans - but were unhappy with the original direction of the proposed one-way on Norfolk Park Road, which has been reversed in the final proposals.

Around Stocksbridge School, which is also being rebuilt, plans have also been revised following a public consultation.

Highways officers axed proposals to make Pot House Lane one-way to make it easier for youngsters to cross but residents were unhappy because the route is often the only passable road in the area during snowy weather.

Some parking restrictions on Shay House Lane and Linden Crescent have also been dropped and the times of other parking restrictions have been cut.

Measures to go ahead at Stocksbridge, costing £110,000 involve kerb build-outs at the junction of Pot House Lane and Victoria Road, to make crossing easier for pedestrians.

Traffic calming will be installed on Shay House Lane and there will be a pedestrian crossing on Glebelands Road.