Students help fix leak in dam

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A SHEFFIELD conservation group received help from an extra 10 pairs of hands when students joined in with vital dam repair works as part of a national initiative encouraging youngsters to play a positive role in communities.

The Task Team of Rivelin Valley Conservation Group was joined by Sheffield University students for the Making A Difference initiative.

They worked together to rebuild the dam wall at Wolf Wheel Dam where water was leaking across the pathway.

The group initially thought the task would involve making a few patch up repairs, but the wall collapsed when the area was emptied of water meaning the whole thing had to be rebuilt.

The project saw 22 members of the team work with 10 volunteer students to complete the challenge in just one day.

They also resurfaced a nearby pathway which had been washed away, receiving help with materials from Sheffield Council.

Co-ordinator Keith Kendall said: “We are very pleased with the finished results and the dam is working well again so we’re all pretty chuffed.

“All the dams down Rivelin are over 100 years old now and have not been particularly well-maintained, so there is plenty of work for us to be going at.”