Special measures school is ‘improving’

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A DONCASTER school placed in special measures is making satisfactory progress towards improvements, say inspectors.

A team from Ofsted has published its latest report into Marshland Primary School, Moorends, after a visit at the end of November.

The school is currently looking to improve standards inEnglish and maths.

It is also working to ensure pupils make consistently good progress across the school, by ensuring the quality of teaching is consistently good or better, by giving pupils clear guidance through teachers’ marking about the steps they need to take to improve their work and also by providing more carefully-targeted work that better matches the needs of individual pupils.

The school has also been told to improve the curriculum, and improve the pupils’ attendance and provide more training for staff.

In his report, based on a vi-sit in November, inspector Peter Cox said pupils test results in 2011 were significantly lower than the national average.

He said: “English and maths remains low, yet some improvements have been made when compared to the 2010 results.

“Achievement in English was stronger than maths, which indicated significant underachievement and positions the school in the bottom 5 per cent of schools nationally.

“Given the low starting points of most pupils in the 2011 cohort, this represents better progress than in 2010, but was still not strong enough to reverse the school’s legacy of underachievement.”

Mr Cox said teaching quality has shown some improvement.

He said teachers were setting work which is better targeted to pupils’ needs to help progress and enable pupils to achieve, but the full impact was not being seen as overall progress remained weak.