Something fishy going on as students try to help conservation

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CAMPAIGNING Doncaster students have set up a petition to end the practice of fishing boats throwing away dead fish.

A group of catering students from Doncaster College decided to take the action after they saw a series of television programmes on the issue.

TV Chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s Fish Fight campaign is trying to change the EU’s system of fish quotas which leads fishermen to throw away millions of tonnes of dead fish every year.

Student Gemma Tasker, aged 25, from Edenthorpe and one of the organisers said: “After contacting Hugh’s team to see how we could help raise awareness of the fish fight, a group of 12 of us decided the best way to help was to spread the message through our home town.

“We held an event in Doncaster Market, where we cooked sustainable fish for members of the public and in return asked for their signature on a petition to end the discarding of fish into the North Sea.”

She said the market event was a huge success, with many people willing to try different types of fish to those they usually eat, and 800 signing their petition.