Sister acts are three of a kind at Sheffield High School

Molly and Annie Norman.
Molly and Annie Norman.
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Successful sisters took centre stage at Sheffield High School – where three pairs of sensational siblings celebrated achieving dazzling exam doubles.

Isabel and Olivia Pryor are among those seeing stars at the Broomhill independent after a bumper crop of top exam passes.

Isabel and Olivia Pryor.

Isabel and Olivia Pryor.

Last week it was Isabel’s turn to celebrate after she found she had three A*s at A-level, plus a further grade A which will take her to Warwick University to study mathematics.

And yesterday it was her younger sister Olivia’s turn to share the spotlight – after she was awarded nine A* passes and one A at GCSE.

It was a similar story for the Blacksells who between them have racked up 13 grade A* and As in their combined exams.

Elder sister Isobel lead the way with A-level passes which will take her to Newcastle University to read biochemistry.

Elinor and Isobel Blacksell.

Elinor and Isobel Blacksell.

But 16-year-old Elinor was not to be outdone – with eight A* passes at GCSE and three more As into the bargain.

And last but not least are the Normans, Annie and Molly.

Annie set the ball rolling last week with her A-level results which saw her securing a place at York University to study history.

Molly followed in her footsteps by passing all 10 of her exams with ease – and is now going to study for qualifications at the White Rose Beauty Centre next month.

At Westfield School in Sothall Ethan O’Leary was congratulated by his headteacher Andy Ireland on achieving 12 A* grades.

Fellow student Amir Vahabi meanwhile celebrated an amazing 20 GCSE passes A*-C grades with 12 at A* and A.

At Wales High School in Rotherham Ashleigh Weir swept the board with straight A*s across the board.

She said: “I was really overwhelmed with gaining all A*s. Having being very nervous all week and unsure about my results, I was absolutely speechless.”

“I’m hoping to study chemistry, history, English literature and music at A-level from September. My dream career would be either in the music or media industry, but I want to keep my options open and see how the next two years works out for now.”