Sheffield schools parking action pledged

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PARENT power has led to Sheffield Council prioritising action to tackle problem parking outside a school.

The Star’s It’s Your Child campaign revealed earlier this year how yellow ‘keep clear’ markings at more than 90 per cent of Sheffield schools were not enforceable because legal orders to back them up had never been processed.

Sheffield Council has pledged to tackle the problem and begin the process of implementing legal orders so people who park on the yellow lines can be fined.

Readers were invited to nominate schools which should have the action as a priority.

More than half of the replies were for Lydgate Infant and Junior Schools, Crosspool.

Council cabinet member responsible for transport, Coun Leigh Bramall, said parking wardens have been sent to patrol outside the infant school, where the keep clear markings are already enforceable, and that work would take place ‘as early as possible’ to make the yellow lines outside the junior school valid.

Sue Havenhand, headteacher at Lydgate Junior School, said: “I’m pleased to hear that we have been nominated for this work to take place.”

Parents have called for not only the keep clear markings to be enforced but also an expansion of other parking restrictions.

Ruth Günay, a parent of children at the junior school, said: “I believe there is an urgent need for enforceable parking restrictions at school times on Manchester Road at Crosspool between Vernon Terrace and Kings Court.

“Despite polite requests from school people continue to park on the pavement here. This makes the pavement dangerous to walk on, the road more difficult to cross and sometimes blocks the flow of traffic completely at a very tight point on the main road used by busses and the emergency services.

“When the cars move on and off the pavement their wheels are in danger of running over people’s feet.

“I have seen this nearly happen countless times and it really is an accident waiting to happen. I have also seen a car door opened across the pavement into a child’s face.

“We do not feel able to let our children walk this last part of the journey to school by themselves as the pavement is unsafe.”

Coun Bramall said that of nominations for keep clear markings to be made enforceable, 55 per cent were for the Lydgate schools.

He said: “Lydgate Infants School already has a traffic regulation order on the keep clear markings and I understand that the parking warden has been on patrol there to crack down on people parking where they shouldn’t.

“The junior school is on the list to be done as part of the review of keep clear markings and, given public feedback, we will be doing this as early as possible. However, we are still working to identify exactly when it will happen.”