Sheffield pupils watch this space...

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It looked like Roswell all over again when primary school pupils turned up for some peculiarly paranormal classes.

Youngsters found mysterious wreckage from what looked like an alien space craft strewn all over the playing field - filled with strange looking eggs - at Ridgeway Primary in Ridgeway near Sheffield.

Police had taped off the area and experts in white forensic suits were nervously checking the site with Geiger counters.

No-one was revealing what had actually happened - the pupils simply had to use their imaginations.

The top secret exercise was an exciting start to the school’s Space Week - and took the children completely by surprise.

School admin manager Maureen Potts said the crash was just the start of five days of fun, exciting and educational activities.

“The idea was that the alien crash would act as a stimulus to all sorts of creative work - and would provide a little bit of excitement too,” she said.

Pupils will be learning all about the stars and planets as the week goes on, sparking off written and art work.