Sheffield primary told to pull its socks up

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Problems have been found at a Sheffield primary school which has been ordered to improve by inspectors.

Pupils’ progress at Acres Hill Primary School in Darnall was found to be too inconsistent in each year group and in all subjects.

Consultations are currently under way to expand the school by providing 90 extra places – plans which are opposed by some parents who fear standards will suffer.

Teaching was found to be good in a number of classes, but not right across the school.

Improvements in the children’s writing had not kept pace with those in reading, while higher-attaining pupils were not always sufficiently challenged.

Governors were also criticised for failing to sufficiently tackle school leaders about the primary’s performance.

Plus points noted by inspectors included the pupils’ good behaviour, its welcoming and safe environment, and the way the school had welcomed pupils from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Headteacher Lee Garbutt said: “We are pleased our efforts to improve children’s reading have been identified as a strength.

“And we recognise some of the areas that we need to improve, such as increasing the number of children exceeding expectations for their age.

“Through professional development we are confident in achieving this goal in the same way that we have increased standards since our last inspection in 2011.”