Pupils’ get top tips from biking champ

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PUPILS learned how to bike with the best when a national cycling champion came to call at a Sheffield school.

Youngsters at Brunswick Primary in Woodhouse gave a warm welcome to Great Britain women’s mountain biking champ Annie Last, an Olympic hopeful based in the city.

The children ‘won’ Annie for a whole day of activities after coming first in a city-wide contest held during the summer term titled Fast As Last.

Schools were challenged to complete as many playground circuits as they could, with as many pupils as possible taking part.

At Brunswick almost half the children - 250 - volunteered to take part and together they racked up a winning distance of 262 miles.

Bikes are already big at Brunswick - the school is part of the Bike it programme which encourages more children to cycle to school all over Sheffield.

Headteacher Neil Frankland said the whole day had been a source of great excitement for the youngsters.

“Annie spoke to the children in assembly, which was also attended by parents, and presented us with £150 from the Edinburgh Bicycle Co-operative,” he said.

“She also gave everyone an update on her latest races and training, and her hopes of being selected for the Olympic squad. We of course will be following her progress closely in the build-up to the Games.”

The highlight of Annie’s visit was a cycling masterclass which saw pupils riding with her and being given top tips on their technique.

“Annie brought in her own bike which was a source of great fascination to many of the kids,” Neil said.

“They loved being with her and we think her visit will be a real inspiration to them. We’re now expecting interest in biking in school to move now to another level.

“And who knows, we may be seeing the birth of the next generation of top bikers right here. It’s been a real spark for the whole school,” Neil added.