Ofsted praise for school as staff turn it around to ‘good’

A previous sports day at Adwick Primary School
A previous sports day at Adwick Primary School
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Staff at a Doncaster Primary School have turned things around after it was upgraded from ‘inadequate’ to ‘good’.

Adwick Primary School was rated as inadequate in its report in March 2014.

But today inspectors have praised the school and changed its grading to ‘good’ after its latest inspection, which has just been published.

Headteacher Sharon Hutchinson said: “We are thrilled with the outcome. We have worked tirelessly to move the school to good in a short space of time.”

Lead inspector Fiona McNally praised the school after the latest visit.

She said: “Leaders have worked effectively to improve pupils’ achievement, which is now good. The headteacher has communicated very clear high expectations, which the senior team and middle leaders have reinforced.

“As a result, teaching is much better than at the time of the previous inspection.

“In addition pupils behaviour has also improved.”

The report says leaders including headteacher Ms Hutchinson were clear about where improvements were needed at the school, on Stafford Road, Woodlands.

Among the measures which have been taken at the school have been an element of performance related pay for its staff.

Describing the school’s appraisals of staff as robust, the report stated: “Any increase in staff salaries relate directly to pupils’ performance. The headteacher and governors have made difficult decisions with regard to any underperformance. The improved academic outcomes are a consequence of teachers being held more full to account for pupils’ performance.”

The report added that good teaching was having a positive impact on pupils’ achievement. Teachers checked pupils’ understanding very regularly and used the checks to address pupils’ misconceptions and any gaps in their knowledge.

Ms McNally said that from their different starting points, all groups of pupils made good progress in reading, writing and mathematics, across all year groups.

A much higher proportion of pupils reach the standards expected for their age compared with that at the time of the last inspection. A higher proportion than at that time also exceeded the expected standard.

Pupils conducted themselves well around the school. They were respectful to adults and there were sensible rules which pupils understood well. As a result, there was a calm atmosphere around the school and pupils felt safe.

Pupils’ attendance had improved consistently since the last inspection.

The report said improvements were due to pupils’ increased enjoyment of school and better attendance supported their higher achievement. Leaders had worked to make the necessary improvements to teaching.