New staff turn Sheffield school around

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A Sheffield school has enjoyed a reversal of its fortunes in just two years due to strong leadership, inspectors found.

Shortbrook Primary School, Westfield, was previously struggling, with levels of achievement, attendance levels and pupil numbers all falling or failing to improve.

However, Ofsted inspectors said the trends are securely on the rise and the school has been rated as good.

In their new report, following a recent inspection of the school, they said pupils often come to the school with skills well below the levels that would be expected, but their progress is now accelerating.

Standards were currently at or a little above the national average, representing good work by the staff.

The inspectors said that teachers were using the information they had on each pupil in their class to ensure each one of them was fully challenged to do their best.

Disabled pupils and those with special needs were being well supported and were making excellent progress, closing the performance gap with other children.

The youngsters told the inspectors how much behaviour had improved since new senior staff had been appointed.

No learning time was being lost due to bad behaviour in class and the pupils said they felt safe and were enjoying their time at school.

Careful thought had been given to making new staff appointments and to ensuring their professional development - something that was at the heart of the school’s rapid improvement.

Governors and school leaders were found to have a clear and focused vision, which had helped to transform the school in a short space of time.

However, inspectors said there was still work to do as pupils were not transferring their English and maths skills to other subjects well enough.