New Sheffield academy pupils get Time to Shine

Russell Heritage, Springs academy principal.
Russell Heritage, Springs academy principal.
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Sheffield primary school pupils are being given a head start into secondary education, thanks to a new initiative that puts them firmly in the spotlight.

The Time to Shine scheme has been launched by Sheffield Springs Academy, with pupils from its five feeder primary schools being set a project based around the theme of ‘Sheffield, the city and the surrounding countryside.’

Each student was asked to create a scrapbook, with work on the project starting in the final term of the last academic year.

It then crossed over into the new academic year, when the former Year 6 pupils became new Year 7 students at the academy.

Mark Shipman, project co-ordinator, said: “Students started work on this when still at primary school, and then continued during the holidays with activities and trips.”

The academy staged a presentation of prizes with parents, primary heads and teachers joining the audience to see the students’ finished work.

Principal Russell Heritage said: “The transition from primary to secondary is so important and we are actively working with our local primary schools to help make that process easier.”