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Big prize for novice maths teacher

A YOUNG Doncaster maths teacher has some big numbers to play with – the £10,000 prize he has won in a national competition to find Britain’s ‘dream teachers’.

Oliver Offord, a Teach First maths teacher at Balby Carr Community Sports and Science College, has won the Maths category of the contest to honour Britain’s best young teachers.

He joins an elite list of six other teachers from across the country whose ability to solve some of the toughest GCSE questions made them stand out as exceptional communicators.

Economics graduate Oliver, aged 22, who has been a teacher for 18 months, came into the profession via Teach First, a national charity that works to ensure that all children, regardless of family income, receive a first class education by providing them with inspirational teachers.

Oliver receives a £10,000 prize, to be split three ways – £2,000 for him, £1,000 to spend on IT equipment and £7,000 for the school. He will also have the opportunity to take some of his students to the Google headquarters in London for the prize-giving event in May.

“I am totally shocked and overwhelmed at the news. I never expected to win, having only been teaching for 18 months, so I feel so incredibly lucky and grateful for the accolade. It is fantastic,” said Oliver.

“I am planning on using the prize money to introduce some new technology to support learning in the classroom, so I can’t wait to get back to work”.

There are currently 100 Teach First teachers in 26 secondary schools in the Yorkshire region.