Grant boost to school opens Euro-work experience plans

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A DONCASTER specialist college has been awarded a grant worth £60,000 to help with a popular European programme.

Thanks to the funding, Doncaster Deaf Trust students will be able to gain work experience in Sweden, Germany and the Czech Republic over the next two years through the Leonardo da Vinci Programme.

The college is already involved with another Europe-wide project, the Spread the Sign initiative, which involves producing an internet based dictionary of the most commonly used vocational signed words.

It is intended to improve communication between deaf people right across Europe.

Spread the Sign was launched four years ago and nine countries are involved.

John Weston, Trust secretary and fundraiser, said: “The Leonardo da Vinci programme in conjunction with the Spread the Sign initiative will improve the vocational, personal and social skills of our deaf students as well as complementing their training here in Doncaster.

“The future hope is to get more countries involved with Spread the Sign and ultimately have deaf people from right around the world being able to communicate with each other.”