Focus on medieval marvels

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A LOOK back at life during the Middle Ages is the focus of a new Sheffield society being launched today.

The Sheffield Anglo-Saxon and Medieval Society, the brainchild of Sheffield University and the University of the Third Age, is aimed at the general public rather than academics.

Its first meeting was due to take place today at 5.30pm at the university and feature a talk by Dr Philip Shaw, from Leiceter University.

An expert in Old English and other early Germanic languages, Dr Shaw’s subject is evidence for pagan religious life and conversion to Christianity.

The society will meet once every three months to hear talks from leading experts in all aspects of the Middle Ages, stretching from the Anglo-Saxons right up to the Tudor period.

The series of lectures, discussions and workshops will cover everything from literature, language and linguistics, history, religion and politics, to music, art and culture.

The new society is hoping to build on the enormous success of a recent Old English project at the university, which culminated in a well-attended public workshop about the Anglo Saxons.