Boy genius in high society

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A boy genius from Barnsley has an IQ as high as Einstein - and has become the youngest member of an exclusive society with only 85 members worldwide.

Sherwyn Sarabi, of Eastend Crescent, Royston has been assessed to have an !Q of more than 160.

He is already a member of Mensa, but has now been admitted to HELLIQ, an organisation with much more demanding entry requirements.

Proud Mum Amanda said: “He keeps on getting even higher recognition for his abilities. He still keeps giving us a shock from time to time.”

Sherwyn’s amazing IQ was measured by Dr Peter Congdon, a consultant educational psychologist.

He said it was ‘at least 160’ - the same IQ as Einstein - but could be even higher because the tests could not measure an IQ any higher than 160.

Sherwyn has been using educational apps on his iPad since he was 18 months old, and at two was able to identify every country on the globe.

He started school full time at three and attends a private school in Brighouse.

Sherwyn has now read 1,032 books and knows the entire periodic table of elements.