EDL message of hatred should be opposed

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I am disgusted that Sheffield City Council and police welcomed EDL fascists into Sheffield on Saturday, to let them lay their flowers at a memorial to all those who died fighting fascism.

Not only that but they facilitated a pub crawl along West Street for them.

The EDL are hijacking the tragic death of Lee Rigby to pedal their message of hatred and division. They should not be allowed to do that.

After a multiculturalism celebration in the Peace Gardens and huge anti-EDL protest behind police fences on Pinstone Street, more than 2,000 anti-fascists flooded into Barkers Pool after the EDL were shepherded out by the police.

It was amazing to take the square back and celebrate a day for multicultural Sheffield.

The peaceful celebrations continued throughout the day supported by the ordinary people of Sheffield, One City Many Cultures and Unite Against Fascism.

We have a long history of condemning fascism in Sheffield.

As the world counted down to the outbreak of World War Two Sheffield City Hall promoted peace concerts whilst a packed Barker’s Pool rallied against its staging of a convention by Nazi sympathiser, Oswald Mosley, and his black shirted-fascists.”

We stopped Mosley promoting his racist message in Sheffield, last week we stopped the EDL and Sheffield shall continue this. Take note Sheffield City Council.

Laura Burn