Dying Moor should be open to traffic

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I had a day out in Town today and we had the Moor refurbishment to contend with. I have to ask myself and the council just why has the Moor been dug up again?

The Moor will never be what it was no matter what “improvements” are made.

I’m not on my own when I say that the Moor should be opened up to traffic again, even if it’s only a bus lane, straight down and through redbrick monstrosity The Manpower Services.

The Moor is dying and anyone can see that, with the boarded-up shops, tacky fast food outlets, We Buy Your Gold shops.

There is nothing there that makes you want to stroll down the Moor and look round the shops.

If it wasn’t for Debenhams, British Home Stores and Atkinson’s it would be on a par with a ghost town.

Fargate also is degenerating into a cheap seaside shopping area with the tacky cheap toys and trinkets that are sold from barrows of some kind.

If the council want to allow this tacky kind of trade put them all in one shop like a Blackpool Market.

I’d even go as far as to say open this thoroughfare up to traffic also.

I know that quite a few younger people can be seen on Fargate and the Moor but I do know of older people who would like to catch a bus that takes you on Fargate and down the Moor.

The Freebie bus is OK but it doesn’t suit everyone.

It seems Sheffield Town has been a building site for over 40 years, disruption after disruption and we still haven’t been touched by the new market which nobody wants.

I envisage that this project will put people off going on the Moor.

Moorfoot is a terrible place for shops, I feel sorry for the traders down there.

I’m afraid that this new revamp will not improve trade on the Moor.

I hope I’m proved wrong but I don’t think I will.

Vin Malone S14