Drug growers deserve jail

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SHEFFIELD’S top judge has delivered an uncompromising message to drug growers - that they can expect an immediate custodial sentence if they appear before his courts.

It is a deterrent that should be heeded not only by those indulging in growing cannabis, but also those who go out and rob, steal and thieve from the ordinary law-abiding citizens who have grafted for our personal possessions.

On first reading, you may be excused for thinking that drug dealers do not touch our lives. But they do.

Youngsters are robbed on the streets for their mobile phones by people who need cash to buy cannabis.

Every time your car is broken into, the chances are it is by a druggie out on an acquisitive crime spree to feed his or her habit. And when your home is broken into and TV nicked, that, too, is primarily carried out by someone needing cash for drugs.

Which is why Recorder Alan Goldsack’s message is so welcome. We are hacked off by soft sentences given to people who cost us dear.

Let us hope more courts follow up on his directive and crack down hard on the dealers and suppliers.

Progress is the key to this deal

WHEN a business changes hands, there is always some anxiety about its future.

So should we be concerned that the two property companies behind the St Paul’s Place development in Sheffield have dissolved their joint venture partnership?

St James Securities and CTP have parted company, leaving CTP to complete the third phase of the St Paul’s Place project.

This third phase is the key issue. St Paul’s Place is a significant development in the heart of the city and must not be allowed to stall. Much good work has been done in Sheffield, but far more is still needed if we are to have the city centre we deserve.

We wish CTP well and trust it will deliver.

Let us have a say

HERE we go again on the electoral merry-go-round now with the Tories manipulating the boundaries - no doubt to serve their political ends.

We all agree with the aim of cutting down the expense of MPs, but not if it meddles with democracy and good representation.

Can Darnall really be sat with Rotherham for example?

The consultation has to be meaningful and include changes to the proposal otherwise it will be a cosmetic exercise.