Drug addict stole from his own grandmother

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A ‘despicable’ burglar who robbed his own grandma of sentimental rings to buy drugs has been jailed for 16 months.

Matthew Kelemen climbed in through a window while the 75-year-old widow was out and stole her wedding ring, engagement ring, paternity ring, other jewellery and a TV.

Kelemen, 32, went back to his old ways after being put forward as a ‘role model’ to help others on a drug rehabilitation programme, Sheffield Crown Court heard.

Kelemen, of College Terrace, Darfield, struck on August 8 at his grandma’s home in Athersley South, Barnsley.

Sean Fritchley, defending, said: “He knows his behaviour towards his grandma was despicable and he is devastated at what he has done.”

He said Keleman had taken part in a drug rehabilitation scheme and turned his life around but became addicted to heroin again.

Kelemen admitted burglary and failing to surrender to bail.

Jailing him, Recorder David Dixon said: “This was despicable. It was your grandma’s house. A lady who has given you support over the years when you have gone off the rails before.

“Just think of your grandma and the items which to her meant the absolute world.

“You stole them and sold them on for doubtless next to nothing.”