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I CAME in on the A61 from Chesterfield to the city and then out to the eastern side of the city and then went home via the outer ring road to Meadowhead Top.

This journey made me wonder what the council has been spending ratepayer’s money on. The roads are in an atrocious state. I had to constantly look out for holes in the roads.

The old ‘tidal flow’ system at the bottom of London Road and on to Queens Road is an eyesore and no longer serves the function it was installed to do back in the 80s.

I see we still have some of the old re-enforced concrete lamp columns, which look an eyesore with paint peeling off some.

I know times are hard for councils, but because of lack of spending on the basics over previous years by successive parties and administrations the city looks a mess.

If the council is serious about attracting investors to the city, then wouldn’t it be a good idea to have the city in a better state than what it is now?

Take pride in your city!

Philip Mitchell, Mansfield

We went to Manchester a few weeks ago and I found their roads to be free of pot holes and litter.

What a pity that as soon as I crossed back into South Yorkshire and Sheffield, the road surface changed dramatically into lumps and bumps with shakings and rattlings.

I wonder if folk who broke their suspensions could charge the cost to Sheffield Cit Council?

I noticed Manchester has lots of cycle lanes all over the city even reaching out into suburbia.

What a good idea.

The Strines road is like the surface of the moon, pock-marked everywhere with holes.

It’s not been repaired for 40 years or so.

If we pay taxes, why are our roads not repaired like those of the Mancunians?

Surely we deserve this much.

Someone is sherking their job at Sheffield City Council.

I hope readers will respond with their opinions so we can see it’s not just me who witnessed this.

Lindsay Henley, Lower Bradway