Drivers seriously need an eye test

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In response to your front page story on Wednesday, August 28, “Highway Robbery”, it seems that the people getting caught speeding have problems with their eyesight.

As you approach the speed camera on Parkway the signs on the road could not be much clearer. Two big 40 signs surrounded by fluorescent yellow borders, multiple signs warning of speed cameras and a big yellow box at the side of the road.

If they aren’t warning enough the camera is positioned as you approach traffic lights on a bend and the carriageway splits into four lanes, all of which should say to a careful driver that the speed they are travelling at should be reduced.

If the camera is a cash cow then it is only milking the blind and the ignorant.

Chief Insp Stuart Walne says only 15 drivers a day get caught out of a total of 30,000 vehicles that pass the site daily.

That is 0.05% of drivers who seriously need an eye test.

Andrew Kirbyshaw

Lynmouth Road, Sheffield