Driver left me to hobble to dentist

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Whilst sitting in the bus shelter on Ecclesfield High Street waiting for my bus to Chapeltown Royal British Legion club, opposite the Chinese takeaway shop and restaurant, there were a couple of cars parked, with the drivers inside, waiting for their partners to return to the cars carrying their food.

The 75 bus from High Green then came down the High Street on its way to Sheffield. There was a loud crack as it knocked the wing-mirror from one of the parked cars.

The bus continued on its way towards Sheffield, while the shocked young lady driver got out of her car, examined the damage, was needlessly informed by a male bystander that “That bus has knocked off your wing-mirror”, and got back in her car and set off in pursuit of the bus.

Talk about the Wild West. But seriously, the bus driver could hardly have failed to hear the impact, and shouldn’t he have stopped? And isn’t a bus driver’s job demanding enough without him having to collect fares and give change as well?

I find almost all Sheffield bus drivers friendly and helpful, but next day, I again got on the 75 bus to go a few stops to the dentist at High Greave, Ecclesfield, rang the bell firmly at least 200 yards before my stop, only for the driver, whom I was almost stood alongside, to ignore me and carry on.

He finally stopped when I spoke to him and gave me a few words of abuse, leaving me, with my limp and my walking stick, to hobble back to the dentist.

Ron Humberstone, Ecclesfield

RE statement in The Star (October 15) that the best buses in Sheffield are 120 and 52. This is true, Stagecoach and First tail one another on these routes, with about 60 seconds between each one.

I counted 11 52s coming into Hillsborough Interchange one day then going out empty back onto the route.

There are always two 52s there, one from each company and the rest sat up on Forbes Road.

I live on the 17 route and you can guarantee there are one or two buses missing every other day.

It must be one of the worst routes in Sheffield. I have complained to the company in the past over this, but I’m sure they have an excuse written on the back of their doors.

Mrs P Pearce, Cowper Crescent, S6