Driver angered by payment delay after accident

John Francis
John Francis
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When a bus shunted his car John Francis thought his claim would be settled swiftly, but it took Aviva months to pay £800 for the damage and only then after a call from Action Desk.

Mr Francis, aged 85, was taking his wife to an appointment at the Northern General Hospital in November when the collision occurred.

But despite an engineer’s visit to his home on Myers Grove Lane, Stannington, the cheque failed to materialise.

Aviva said it wanted to view footage from CCTV cameras in the hospital grounds and the process of obtaining it was taking ages.

Mr Francis waited four months before calling The Star and we contacted Aviva.

The next day the bus company admitted liability for the accident and soon after that the insurers announced they had seen the footage and it was ‘inconclusive’ and they would now pay up.


An Aviva spokeswoman said: “Given the other information we have received, including the engineer’s report, we accept that the damage caused to Mr Francis’s car was as a result of the bus colliding with him.

“We have been in contact with Mr Francis’s solicitor to confirm we will be paying his claim and have already issued a cheque to him.

“We are sorry for the time this has taken, but we do have a duty to our customers to look at all aspects of a claim to ensure we can make an informed decision.”

Mr Francis will keep the vehicle.