Dore’s lovely but your’e more than welcome in Wincobank!

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It was even more interesting to read the reply (August 9) from Mr Steve Davis and it is quite obvious he doesn’t originate from Sheffield as he is quite ignorant regarding its history.

I will admit the remarks about Sheffield Wednesday were a little tongue in cheek and I fully expected some one to bite and Mr Davis certainly did but to belittle the cutlery and steel industries as irrelevant to it’s history is bewildering.

He needs to contact one of The Star’s historians Mr Vin Malone who worked in the cutlery trade for many years and I’m sure he will be able to put him right.

Regarding Dore and Totley I never said anything wrong about them. They are both beautiful parts of our city and can’t see anything wrong with either of them in fact I have relations living there.

When I could walk better than I can now I would often visit places like them and walk around the houses and gardens, not inside naturally, to admire.

I perhaps shouldn’t say this but I’ve been known to call in one or two of your local hostelries for a pint or two. I may even have stood at the side of you occasionally.

I think your most revealing remark though and I quote “ Why should I have travelled all the way to Wincobank to see Le Grand Depart.” Equally Mr Davis, why should the people of Wincobank or Hillsborough or Shirecliffe or Outighbridge have to travel to your neck of the woods?

These areas worked extremely hard to showcase their own areas and put on some family entertainment for all to enjoy.

It was free and it was called FUN.

Did you come along and join in?

You would have been very welcome.

Big Ian