Doncaster McDonalds forced to take action over extremist graffiti

The graffiti, which said 'behead those who insult Islam,' has now been covered up.
The graffiti, which said 'behead those who insult Islam,' has now been covered up.
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A Doncaster fast-food outlet has promised to replace a toilet cistern, after it was defaced with graffiti that makes reference to taking extreme violent action against those who 'insult Islam'.

The graffiti, which says: "Behead those who insult Islam, was discovered on a cistern in the men's toilets at the St Sepulchre Gate branch of McDonalds on Wednesday, November 11 by customer Carl Jowett.

He said of the graffiti: "Went to the toilet in McDonald's and on the back of the system where you flush the toilet scratched into the flush it says "Behead those who insult Islam" I had to report as the threat is now in Doncaster I notified the management and he said he will be having the system changed where the inscription was written but to me it should be a police matter with it being a threat."

Mr Jowett has reported the matter to both McDonalds and South Yorkshire police.

The graffiti has now been temporarily covered up, and McDonalds shift manager Brent Turner confirmed that the fast-food chain are due to replace the cistern where the extremist message was etched.

A South Yorkshire police spokesman told the Free Press: "The matter was reported to police on Wednesday 11 November and this has been investigated by officers who have been to the location to view the graffiti.

"The restaurant are going to remove the graffiti."