Don’t undo the good

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Now that Labour is back in power at the council, let’s hope they don’t undo some of the good things that the Lib Dems put into place.

The change to the tram gates at Hillsborough, proposed changes to the blue bins and boxes, green garden waste collections, proposed changes to open up some bottleneck road junctions, the Woodseats road fiasco, to mention a few.

Let’s hope both Labour and the Lib Dems will abstain from the ‘they said, we said syndrome’ that always seems to be the norm after a change of political parties.

Labour did a lot of good and made quite a few mistakes last time around, so listen to the voters, it will be a hard road and cuts have to be made, hopefully at a slower pace than was previously proposed by the Lib Dems.

We Sheffielders are a tough lot, providing we are treated with respect, allowed our say and listened to.

JD Sheffield 5

n I am certainly no fan of Nick Clegg, Paul Scriven and the Liberal Democrats.

MP David Blunkett stated on behalf of Labour: “We are very happy that Nick Clegg has got his comeuppance.”

However, he recently referred to the one-year prison sentence received by disgraced ex-Labour MP Eric Illsley for expenses fraud as ‘this sorry pass’.

I am sure that the general public are very happy that Illsley and the other Labour cheats have got their come-uppance for stealing from the public purse. Double standards Mr Blunkett.

Steve Clark, Bank Terrace, Tideswell

n Why have Sheffield voters voted for a party who have revealed no policies and refused to publish a budget, so you can’t possibly be let down by them?

The Lib Dem council froze council tax, kept all libraries and Surestarts open and changed the recycling policy.

How could Labour do better? Lib Dems did not win the general election but they have still been able to impose some of their policies on this government and I for one am very glad to have been taken out of tax! I hope Sheffield’s Labour council don’t follow the Labour Government and spend money we haven’t got!

M, Hackenthorpe

n Nick Clegg did agree with David Cameron when he said that everybody would be effected by the coalition cuts.

Well, with Nick Clegg turning his back on the Lib-Dem election promises,he has managed to put 695 of his Lib-Dem councillors out of a job. What a top man ,the credibility of this leader gets less and less in his search for personal power.

Mick Gethin, Westbury Av, Chapeltown, Sheffield S35