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John B seems to have taken some of my comments about Europe to heart.

Firstly, when I said how would you feel if somebody told you what to do in your own house, it was just an example of what I feel sometimes happens here in the UK in regards to what the EU says goes.

Secondly, when I said if you love Europe so much why don’t you move there, I meant mainland Europe. It was a minor typing error. If I caused you any offence, then I am sorry.

Let’s forget about the Europhobia Simplex for a second and talk about the real issues. We both agree that the bureaucracy of the EU has to change, but how.

Whenever our government says it wants to change the EU treaties, Brussels usually says no, or all other member states have to also agree. We are told that leaving the EU will isolate us from the rest of Europe and ultimately the world, but I feel that we are already isolated from the EU. Whenever a UK politician says something against them, they are labelled racist or out of touch. I also feel that we as an island nation do not have anything in common with mainland Europe. They all seem to want to stick together, which to a point I do agree with. A lot of people do not realise that there has been no major unrest in Europe since the Second world War and this comradeship in Europe makes me very proud. However, one thing I do not agree with us being governed, or at least partially governed by an organisation that is so out of touch with the problems that affect member states.

I also agree with you on the real issues such as the NHS and housing. These are not determined by the EU, and are the responsibility of our government.

I agree, we have not built enough houses in this country and the NHS is underfunded. However, even if we build hundreds of thousands of homes each year, we cannot predict how many more people will come each year from other EU countries to settle in the UK. Same with school places, dentists and GP surgeries. The NHS, also not governed by Brussels, is affected by being in the EU, as all EU citizens living in this country can use it.

I did not wish my letter to make you think I am a racist, I am not. I love Europe, but I do not want to be ruled by the EU and many other people don’t want to either, and that is the only reason I said I would be voting UKIP.

Matthew Hobson

by email