Don’t suffer in silence

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I have recently been declared fit to work by a company called Maximus, who carry out assessments for the department of work and pensions. After intervention by my MP the decision has been reversed.

I cannot drive, have just had a second operation on my knees and am facing further surgery and am at present going through the appeal process over a different issue.

There are many cases of people suffering with cancer, depression and other serious conditions being put under undue pressure by these people, when they should be receiving support and help.

If you feel that you have been unfairly assessed and been put under extreme pressure do not suffer in silence, you are not alone, refuse to accept their ruling, appeal their decision, write to The Star and indeed all the media and last but far from least contact your MP.

If any of you have family or friends who have received this treatment and are too unwell to do the above, in the name of God, do it for them, because Mr Iain Duncan-Smith will not change anything until he is forced to by public opinion.

C Bromfield

Grays Close, Scholar Green, Stoke on Trent