Don’t spoil this charity event

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I was very disappointed to hear of complaints the Angel pub, Woodhouse received over the one day music festival (Aug 28). This was the second annual event and all proceeds go to charity.

We live across the road and had the chance to listen to live music from noon to midnight. Granted, it was quite loud and vibrated our windows a few times, but it’s a once-a-year charity event.

If this was a purely commercial event, we too would complain, but the event raised a lot of money for a worthy cause. All neighbours knew it would be happening and knew how things went last year. We were prepared for and accepted there would be some disturbance, but some obviously don’t have such a charitable nature. Charity is not only about giving. Sometimes, you have to be a little put out to give people a chance to do good.

From all accounts, the event went very well and was packed with people who had a great time. I just hope the complaints don’t result in problems for the event next year.