Don’t preach to us about weight loss, Mila

Actress: Mila Kunis.
Actress: Mila Kunis.
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She’s a dainty little thing, is actress Mila Kunis.

And the stunning 27-year-old got even daintier for her role in the Oscar-winning movie Black Swan.

To play the role of a prima ballerina opposite Natalie Portman, she shed 1st 6lb.

To the likes of you and me, that’s only halfway to a WeightWatchers golden key. But it was enough to transform Mila’s already slender bodyshape dramatically.

As if that’s not sickening enough, though, this slip of a thing has the temerity to breezily inform us all it was easy as pie.

She reckons fatties who say they cannot lose weight are just kidding themselves. It’s their minds that are stopping them from getting slim. The body will do exactly as you bid it, she trills.

On that, she is absolutely right. But does she actually think we don’t know that.

Deep down, in a small hiding place beneath the blubber, lies the truth in all of us. We HAVE admitted to ourselves that the fat is our fault.

We know damned well that if you locked us up and fed us only Ryvita, we’d get thin.

It IS all in the head. We don’t eat because we’re hungry, but because we’re greedy.

And we still can’t do anything about it. Getting the brain into slimming mode is so very hard.

Goals help. Like beach holidays. And weddings; I lost about the same as Mila for mine three years ago.

Mila can wipe the smug little smile off her pretty face. She had two of the biggest incentives ever. Like, a big fat salary waiting.

And the knowledge that millions of movie-goers would be seeing her looming ten-times larger than life on movie screens around the globe.

I feel like a Mars Bar now I’ve got that off my chest.