Don’t hold your breath

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BW, Norton Lees, thinks ‘Bus changes are a good thing’ for users of the 20 and 20A bus routes.

First bus company are not just alternating the times of these two routes, the 20A bus is to be replaced by a new route 18 from Meadowhall, via Graves Park, Scarsdale Road turning right up the lower section of Derbyshire Lane, to then follow the 19 route to the interchange. This service will be hourly, every day.

The current 20A bus is occasionally 5 or 10 minutes late on an eight-minute journey from Hemsworth.

On a 50-minute journey from Meadowhall, there will surely be delays to all journeys. There is no way that this change can be described as a ‘good thing’. As for ‘other bus companies jumping in’ – we are not holding our breath.

BW mentions 20 and 20A buses arriving together. Those of us who live in the upper section of Derbyshire Lane would prefer that to the winding route that is proposed, including a detour of the Hollythorpe Estate.

A Russell