Don’t get drunk, ambulance boss pleads

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BANK Holiday revellers are being urged by ambulance bosses not to over-indulge this weekend.

Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust is appealing for people to drink responsibly during the extended Bank Holiday celebrations, to help ensure vital ambulance provision is available for those who need it most.

Alan Baranowski, assistant director of A&E operations in South Yorkshire, said: “A lot of people will see this weekend as a reason to celebrate and, for many, alcohol will play a big part in their festivities.

“All too often our ambulance crews are caught up dealing with people with excessive drunkenness and alcohol-fuelled injuries which could have been avoided and this problem can become exasperated during Bank Holidays and major events.

“The associated risks of heavy drinking can also lead to a rise in assaults, including those against ambulance staff, and incidents of domestic violence which also cause problems for our staff.

“It’s easy to forget how much alcohol you have had when you are enjoying yourself and people don’t always consider the consequences their actions.

“We want to make sure this weekend is one people will remember for all the right reasons and, more importantly, that our ambulance crews are there for those who need them most.”