‘Don’t freeze out Sheffield ice cream vans’

Rosita Hunt, from Granelli's
Rosita Hunt, from Granelli's
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Pressure groups have slammed Sheffield Council plans to ban ice cream vans over five-years-old as ‘absurd and irrational’.

The Star revealed on Saturday how the council has agreed the move in a bid to ‘reduce the city’s carbon footprint’.

But Rosita Hunt, of Sheffield’s oldest ice cream firm Granelli’s, which has been operating for 138 years, warned it would see many firms go to the wall.

Now the Federation of Small Businesses has said the council has lost touch with the business reality of the 21st Century.

Andrew Flower, South Yorkshire FSB branch chairman, said: “This ban is the most absurd and irrational decision to emanate from the Town Hall for some time.

“It discriminates massively against one particular sector of free enterprise, setting the bar much higher for ice cream sellers than for people in any other trade or profession.

“Their day-to-day use on local rounds and the fact they only work eight months of the year means their mileage is generally minimal with little engine wear.

“It is not unusual for a van to last 20 or more years and still remain serviceable. “

Star readers have also been outraged by the decision.

Posting on www.thestar.co.uk, Seenitall said: “Bizarre. When all around them is falling apart and when people start to question the decision makers all they can do is control ice-cream selling.”

Hugh Waller posted: “Sheffield Council appear to have surpassed themselves this time.

“No-one would disagree with the aim of reducing carbon emissions, but why pick on ice cream vans?

Old Man of the Sea posted: “I assume every councillor drives a car less than five years old, or are they all tree huggers who just ride bicycles? “