Don’t fall for ‘soft soap’ sales

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CHARMING, tempting – intimidating.

Door-to-door criminals know exactly how to sweet-talk vulnerable householders with offers and incentives. They also know when to turn the thumbscrews.

Trading Standards manager Phil Glaves urged residents to be wary: “These guys know how to soft-soap people, they say things like, ‘if we have to come back it will be double’. It sometimes looks like the bargain of the century but it never is. And once they get their hooks into someone it’s difficult to get rid of them.

“People might find themselves being accompanied to the cash machine before they realise it.

“If someone knocks offering fish, or a new drive or guttering, ask yourself, ‘why me?’, ‘why this afternoon?’, ‘do I actually need the work doing?’”


Customers have a seven-day cooling off period allowing them to cancel any doorstep transaction at no cost – even if the trader has incurred costs.

Customers should be informed of this right in writing.