Don’t dump your rubbish on us

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The recent change in bin collection shouldn’t really affect me as I live in a maisonette and the communal chute system isn’t really adequate so we were provided with a large overspill bin.

There was always plenty of room in the overspill bin, you could always close the lid, they were emptied quite regularly and even now the fortnightly collection doesn’t seem to apply to us as our chute bins and overspill bins are still emptied as before.

However, because the fortnightly collections affect people with individual wheelie bins it seems that they think it’s quite alright to put their refuse in and around our overspill bin and the bin is filled to overflowing within two days by these people, thus saving them the trouble of putting their own bins out.

Only a few weeks ago I saw a man pulling up at the bin taking something out of his van.

On checking what he had put there it turned out to be restaurant waste. I did get the number of his van and this was passed on but I don’t know if it was followed up.

Only three weeks ago our paper recycling bin, was filled to the brim with bags of conifer cuttings. In all in the bin and around there were 17 blue bags full of cuttings and clippings.

These bags were removed by the estate team who do a thankless job day in day out.

Furniture is regularly dumped there by mindless, uncaring idiots. I must state that these maisonettes don’t have any gardens so its not the tenants of this block that have dumped the garden rubbish.

I have also noticed that since the council’s edict not to take garden waste for free, there have been more and more garden fires. You can’t blame them can you because what other option have they?

People who don’t have cars phone for advice and are told to take their garden rubbish on the bus, you couldn’t make it up!

If any of the people who dump their refuse and rubbish on the Spotswood Close maisonettes read this I would just like to ask them how would they feel if we put our rubbish and refuse in their yards?

This is my home and I take pride in it, so why do these uncaring people spoil it.

Vin Malone, S14