Don’t develop field

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Barbers Field is a great open space on our door step. Last year I held a public meeting to try to show residents and tenants the plans for this wonderful green space tucked away in Woodseats.

There was a lot of controversy and while the Friends of Barbers field press ahead they don’t appear to listen to what tenants and residents want.

This week two trees were planted in the middle of the field, which were removed as in a totally stupid place. Then four more, at a time of council cutbacks and they cannot find funding to cut the trees which are earmarked on the field.

Would it not have been better to cut down and see how the land is, then decide where to plant new trees?

Trees all over the city are left. While they are wonderful, many years ago the wrong type of trees, such as sycamore, were planted and are now overgrown causing darkness to people’s houses and danger for the elderly when leaves fall.

Why do people apply for funding for trees when there are loads in the area? Why not get funding to illuminate the new path across the field?

Surely falling down the steps would lead to a nice claim against someone.

A path around the field is planned but people who have regularly used it over the years are quite capable of buying wellies.

Kids play regardless. Does someone think that if a path is on the field all the elderly residents are going to come and start walking round the field?

I doubt it very much.

Leave the field a natural field, as in the name and not a park as some people describe it. Leave it be.

If tenants and residents are interested in supporting what is going to happen in the area, we need them to come along to the meeting of your TARA on Monday, Feb 27 at 5.30pm in Holmhirst Road Methodist Church.

Fraser TARA and all other TARAs can only survive and do things with participation from you. Once it’s done we can’t turn it back. Act now.

Beverley Rishworth