Don’t believe a word of it

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Have you got a leak?

A burst pipe maybe, water coming through a ceiling onto a carpet below?

I hope you don’t go through the experience that we went through last week.

On the Monday, about half past three, we noticed water dripping through the ceiling in the hallway onto the carpet.

I phoned my insurers on our home emergency number.

They said someone would come round and four hours later an engineer arrived and came to the conclusion that it was probably a lead pipe that was leaking.

He wasn’t sure if we were covered by our insurance for lead piping and said someone would phone us in the morning.

No one did, so I phoned the insurance company and after being shunted from one department to another was told that I wasn’t insured for lead pipes.

I then had to find another plumber in the BT phone book, page 102.

Wonderful, I thought, I’ll phone an emergency plumber who boast local engineers, 1- to 2-hour emergency response and a 24-hour service. What a joke!

They said someone would attend between 10am-12pm, then it was between 12-1pm, then 1pm-3pm and finally between 3pm-5pm.

At 5 o’clock they phoned to inform me that no one would come until the following morning.

At least on Wednesday morning, with water still dripping into buckets, an engineer arrived and eventually sorted the problem.

I won’t say how much it cost, suffice to say it was astronomical.

So my advice is, take no notice of these plumbing companies who boast that they offer a fast response.

Don’t believe a word of it.

J D Arnold